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We help our users to book travel experiences (‘adventures’) and post opinions. We are not a travel agency, and do not provide such experiences ourselves as we are a intermediate. When you make a booking, you will purchase a service directly from the third-party Aruban based supplier.

These terms and conditions, together with the Privacy Policy (together ‘Terms’) set out the terms on which Aruban Adventures Inc. (a Delaware corporation) provides services via www.arubanadventures.com, together with all related (mobile) domains.

You can always contact us via info@richardd86.sg-host.com

These Terms govern your relationship with us in respect of your use of the Services (experiences / adventures) bookable via arubanadventures.com.

By using our Services, you agree and accept to be bound by these Terms.

We may modify these Terms at any time, and you understand and agree that your use of our Service is the acceptance of these Terms.

As a condition of your use of our Service, you warrant that all information supplied by you in the course of your use of the Service is accurate and complete, and you are 13 years of age or older in order to use the Website /service.

We own the right at our sole discretion to deny anyone access to the Service.

Your Aruban Adventure account is for your personal use only and may be terminated at our sole discretion
As a user you agree that Aruban Adventures or is suppliers will have any liability to you or others for any unauthorized use / bookings made using Aruban Adventures.

Unauthorized use of your Aruban Adventures account could cause you to incur liability to Aruban Adventures and other users.

The content on our Aruban Adventures collectively described as the “Website Content”), is proprietary to us. You agree not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell or re-sell any Website Content unless with prior written permission of Aruban Adventures.

You agree that you will not and will not enable others to:use the Website or the Website Content for any unlawful purpose;

  • use the Website to threaten, stalk, defraud, incite, harass, or advocate the harassment of another person, or otherwise interfere with another user’s use of the Website;
  • use the Website to promote bigotry or discrimination against protected classes;
  • use the Website to violate any intellectual property or proprietary right;

When you use our site site you agree that we may communicate with you in a variety of ways, such as, but not limited too , e-mail or in-app push notices. Unsubscribe at unsubscribe@ArubanAdventures.com.

By submitting User Content, you grant Aruban Adventures a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up, perpetual and irrevocable right to use such content.

Our website may contain hyperlinks to supplier websites

Excluding Third Party Content, the Website and all content of the Website including, but not limited to, all visual interfaces, interactive features, custom graphics, design, computer code, products, software, compilation of other content (such as compilation of third party content), and other elements and components of the Website are owned, unless stated differently, by Aruban Adventures Inc.

All rights reserved.

ArubanAdventures provides the Platform through which you can enter into a contract with aa Aruban supplier of a Product (“Adventure “). Aruban Adventures is not a supplier of any Product, and your contract for supply of any Product you Book will be directly between you and the applicable Supplier. Aruban Adventures acts as an intermediate agent on behalf of the Supplier, meaning that a Product listing represents an invitation to you to make an offer to a Supplier, and that we are free to accept or reject such offer on behalf of that Supplier.

The Terms govern your use of the Services, which includes your use of the Platform through which you may make such an offer to a Supplier. However, the provision of the Product you Book will be subject to the terms and conditions displayed on the Website in respect of such Product, any information made available to you during the Booking process, and the terms and conditions of the Supplier with whom you have a legal contract for the supply of the Product.

When you make a Booking, you agree to review and be bound by the applicable Supplier’s terms and conditions and any other rules or policies related to the Product (the “Supplier Terms”).

Aruban Adventures is not a travel agency and does not provide or own any Adventures / Experiences

By making a Booking, you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age, that you possess the legal authority to enter into both this binding agreement and a binding agreement with the Supplier, to use the Services, to purchase the Product, and that all information you supply is true and accurate. You further agree that you will use the Platform to make only legitimate Bookings for you and/or others for whom you are legally authorized to act.
The price of each Product will be quoted on a per-person basis, unless otherwise specified.

Prices are based on US dollars.

Price quotations are subject to change without notice, until a Booking has been made.

Unless the Supplier has otherwise specified, prices do not include any local taxes or use-fees.
Prices do not include tips/gratuities nor personal insurance; taxes or duties; and any beverages or food that the Supplier has not specifically stated.

When you make a Booking, Aruban Adventures collects your payment information and processes your payment as described in Privacy Statement.

The value of your Booking may be subject to taxes, duties, foreign transaction, currency exchange or other fees. Your bank or payment card company may convert the payment into the local currency and may charge fees, resulting in differences between the amount displayed through the Platform, and the final amount charged to you.
Under these Terms, the payment processing services for the Services provided are provided by Aruban Adventures / Stripe partners.

In the event you make a Booking using a credit or debit card and your payment is processed via a US based payment provider.

Once a Product has been purchased, your Booking cannot be changed by you or cancelled with a refund, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions applicable to such Product.

The standard cancellation policy allows you to request a change to and/or cancel a Booking up until 72 hours before the start time of the Booking; or if the Experience does not have an explicit start time, the deadline to request a change or to cancel will generally be 11:59pm, three days before the start date. Timings are calculated in accordance with the time zone of the Experience.

If any Product is designated as ‘All Sales Final’ or with materially similar), it is non-refundable, and it will not be possible to change or cancel it after making a Booking.

Notwithstanding the articles above, a requests for modifications and amendments to a Booking, including date change requests (collectively, a “Change Request”) should be made online.

All Change Requests shall be processed by Aruban Adventures subject to the availability and agreement of the applicable Supplier. Aruban Adventures does not guarantee the success of any Change Request.
No refunds are available once an Experience has commenced.

We may decide, in our sole discretion, that it is necessary for the protection of our interests, the Supplier’s interests and/or your interests, to withdraw our Services resulting in an override of the Product’s cancellation policy and the effective cancellation of a Booking.

When you make a Booking, you are responsible for ensuring that you meet all foreign entry requirements and that your travel documents, including passports and visas, are in order.

For applicable passport and visa requirements, you should consult the relevant embassy or consulate for information. Such requirements may change at any time, and it is your responsibility to check for up-to-date information before making a Booking and before your departure. Aruban Adventures accepts no liability in connection with any person who is refused entry onto a flight or into any country, including countries such person may just be passing through en route to their destination.

As visa and health requirements are subject to change without notice, Viator recommends that you verify health and visa requirements with the appropriate consulate prior to departure. It is also your responsibility to consult your physician for current recommendations on inoculations before you travel internationally, and to ensure that you meet all health entry requirements and follow all medical guidance related to your trip.

Aruban Adventures strongly recommends that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy prior to departure to protect your Product purchase. If you cancel your trip or significantly alter travel dates, your travel insurance policy may reimburse the cost of cancellation fees and related expenses. Please review your travel insurance policy carefully for related terms and conditions.

Although most travel, including travel to Aruba, is completed without incident, travel to certain destinations may involve greater risk than others. Aruban Adventures urges customers to investigate and review travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements and advisories issued by the United States Government and destination country governments prior to booking travel to international destinations. Information on conditions concerning travel to Aruba can be found at www.state.gov, www.tsa.gov, www.dot.gov, www.faa.gov, www.cdc.gov, www.treas.gov/ofac and www.customs.gov.

This section limits Aruban Adventures liability to you for issues that may arise using our service.
The suppliers are independent companies / contracters and not employees of Aruban Adventures. Aruban Adventures is not liable for acts, errors, ommissions, representations, warranties, breaches, negligence, or misconduct b any suppliers nor for any personal injury, death, property damages or any other damages or expenses resulting from booking / using a product.

If Aruban Adventures is found liable for any loss or damage that arises out of or is in any way connected with your use of the Services or with a Booking or use of a Product, then Aruban Adventures liabilities will in no event exceed, in the aggregate, the greater of the sum paid to Viator in respect of the Booking giving rise to the claim
The limitation of liability set forth in this Section reflects the allocation of risk between parties. The limitations specified in this Section will survive and apply even if any limited remedy specified in these Terms of Use is found to have failed of its essential purpose. The limitations of liability provided in these Terms of Use inure to the benefit of Aruban Adventures.

You agree to defend and indemnify Aruban Adventures and all of their respective officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claims, causes of action, demands, suits, proceedings, investigations, losses, damages, fines, penalties, fees, expenses, costs and any other liabilities of any kind or nature including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, arising out of or related to: a. your breach of these Terms of Use or the documents referenced herein; b. your violation of any law, rule, regulation or guideline; c. your violation, infringement or misappropriation of the rights of a third party, including without limitation any rights of publicity or privacy; d. your use of the Services (including the Website); e. your Booking or use of any Product; or f. your negligence or willful misconduct.

You will receive a Aruban Adventures -branded ticket (or, alternatively a voucher from the Supplier) (in each case, a “Ticket”) for each Product you you Book, with such Ticket being issued on behalf of the applicable Supplier. In order to access and print your Ticket, you will be directed to a secure webpage hosted by Aruban Adventures that contains a link to your Ticket. Certain Bookings will result in your being provided with an electronic Ticket as well as or instead of a paper Ticket.

You must provide the original, authentic Ticket to the applicable Supplier in order to redeem your Product. Your Booking cannot be honored or redeemed without presenting a valid Ticket. Ensure you read the terms and conditions relating to your Booking in order to understand what will be required by the Supplier by way of Ticket presentation.

For security purposes, when redeeming your Ticket you must present a valid photo ID and sign the Ticket.
In some cases, a Supplier may also require that you present the payment card used to purchase your Product at the time of redemption. This typically applies to attraction and show tickets. You should be advised at check-out whether or not this will be required. If you have questions about such a requirement, contact Viator’s Customer Care team.

Aruban Adventures performance of these Terms of Use is subject to existing laws and legal process, and nothing contained in these Terms of Use limits Aruban Adventures right to comply with law enforcement or other governmental or legal requests or requirements relating to your use of the Services or information provided to or gathered by Aruban Adventures with respect to such use. To the extent allowed by applicable law, you agree that you will bring any claim or cause of action arising from or relating to your access or use of the Services within two (2) years from the date on which such claim or action arose or accrued or such claim or cause of action will be irrevocably waived.

If any part of these Terms is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remaining provisions in these Terms shall continue in effect.

These Terms (and any other terms and conditions referenced herein) constitute the entire agreement between you and w Aruban Adventures ith respect to the Services and it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written, between you and Viator with respect to the Services.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

The Services are provided by a U.S. entity and these Terms of Use is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Delaware, USA.


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